Put Your Pooch on a Perch! The Best Luxury Pet Furniture

Who says pets can't sleep in style?

If you and your four-legged friends have outgrown the tired cardboard-box-and-raggedy-towels look, perhaps it's time to upgrade to chic pet furniture that will please your beloved critters and fit your apartment's modern design.

When your cat is itchin' for a scratching post, opt for the elegant Buddha wall perch (pictured above) from Portland-based, eco-conscious merchant, Square Cat Habitat. Mount three to four on your wall and your feline will have a play area to stretch its legs, relax and claw away. Furthermore, the sleek wall perches easily blend into the home décor, doubling as floating shelves. Each perch is made from 100 percent rapidly renewable bamboo plywood and sells for $100. For a less-expensive option, choose the low-pressure laminate wall perch, created from 100 percent recycled-wood fiber, at $70 each.

There is something mysteriously inviting about the Holden Designs Pet Bed (left), sold at Design Public. Perhaps it's the striking curve, beckoning you to skateboard your fingers across the smooth walnut finish, or the temptation to sit on a piece of modern art as you're tying your sneakers for a morning run. Either way, the $275 aesthetically pleasing composition will accent your good taste and serve as a comfortable chillout spot for your stylish pooch.

Give your treasured pup's bedroom a makeover and spring for the Four Corners dog bed (right), available at Modern Designs for Canines for $425. Low on space and high on style, the dog bed will underline your apartment's contemporary décor all while providing your pooch with a comfortable repose. The super-cushy pad and bolsters sit atop a brushed stainless base and come in 12 palatable colors such as Pumpkin Orange, Apple Green and Lemon Yellow.

Is it an ottoman or a litter box? Leave it up to your guests to guess. The compact Cat Quarters (left), manufactured by Inspired Pet Designs, combines a litter box, resting area and feeding station, offering your kitty a royal retreat while you entertain. Its price tag: $525 but two things are for sure: the Cat Quarters will save space and you won't have to worry about the pungent litter stench after your kitty goes potty.

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