How hard does Ben Roethlisberger have to work for $100k?


We all know that professional athletes make big money, but did you ever imagine that it takes the average U.S. citizen four years to make what Ben Roethlisberger makes in four snaps?

According to the number crunching done by The Wall Street JournalRoethlisberger's not the only one who earns $100 large in the time it takes you to order lunch.

Some of the breakdowns are simply stunning. Did you realize that Tiger Woods pulls in $2,329 every time he swings his club? Most of us would be happy to make that kind of money in a year's worth of skins games! On the low end of the scale sits professional bowler Norm Duke, who has to bowl 2,360 frames to make $100,000, but at $2 a pin it's still not too shabby.

I'm a little surprised that the list left off soccer star David "Bend it Like" Beckham, who pulls in $6.5 million a season playing for the L.A. Galaxy, which breaks down to $1.3 million a goal, or $812,500 per assist. With stats like that it's hard to believe that he actually has to play 38 minutes to earn $100,000 during the 08-09 season.

It's easy to break down athletic salaries into bullet points like this and stare, slack-jawed at the seemingly minimal efforts required to make more money than most people make in a year, but when it comes down to it, these athletes put in countless hours of practice and training to hone their specific skills into a paycheck.

However you feel about the effort it takes professional athletes to make $100,000, you won't find me doing the calculations to see how many blog posts it will take to make $100,000. I'm pretty sure that Nelson Pizzaro, who at $15,300 is the lowest paid MLS player, will agree that not everyone needs to know the exact breakdown of what it takes to make $100,000.