Free Movie Friday: Inner city stories


Crime! Street gangs! Murder! Revolutionary education! You'll find it all in this week's addition of Free Movie Friday as we look at inner city films. These amazing indies are all available free online. So click your mouse and start streaming now.

Back to school is just around the corner. As schools across the country fight to hold onto falling budgets, take a look at one inner city school in Rhode Island that decides to take matters into its own hands. Accelerating America tells the story of a fearless principal, Robert DeBlois, a quadriplegic who knows how to beat the odds. He revolutionizes the education system by accelerating the studies of youths who are at risk of dropping out of school. It's sink or swim for three students, America, Jason, and Yazmine, and DeBlois is intent on making them succeed in this compelling documentary. Watch it on Fancast.

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