Ask the Dolans: Help! My husband and I can't agree on how to invest


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Money is the number one source of arguments among couples, and those disagreements only get worse when times are tough. Many couples are in serious trouble today because one spouse blames the other for the financial losses they have suffered. Today, Ken and Daria Dolan of try to help a couple avoid that same fate as they decide where to invest their money in today's tricky market.

Dear Ken and Daria,

My husband and I have a small amount of money we would like to invest but know nothing about such things as we have never had much money. The amount would be as much as $10,000 or as little as $5,000, depending on how safe the investment could be. He wants to do something in the stock market but I'm afraid. If we lose this money, we have lost our savings with no way to replenish it.


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