Apartment Earth: Cool Cardboard Furniture

Newly-constructed furniture usually has a hefty environmental price tag. Choose an angle: new furniture is typically harvested from non-Forest-Certified wood. A majority of furniture is manufactured overseas in awful work conditions. The toxic glue used to hold it together can be hazardous to your health. And, depending on where it's coming from, the shipping can be a fuel-waster.

That's why it's so cool to find modern furniture made from.... cardboard!

Don't fear: this isn't simply a refrigerator box. Made from cardboard and recycled polypropylene, Portuguese designer Pedro Gomes' modular furniture line is eco-friendly and sustainable. And yes, more stylish than you might think!

Shipping and packaging costs are reduced since it ships as five flat boards. The interlocking pieces are held together with wood glue. You can use your imagination to create anything from a small home office to additional storage. Here are a few ways Apartment Therapy configured his cardboard furniture.
Contact the designer directly for more information on availability.

For more cool cardboard designs, see what ShelterPopturned up at the New York International Gift Fair.
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