AfterShark: Why isn't Marian Cruz's Turbo Baster cooking yet?


Marian Cruz, a Californian with a good idea, walked into the Shark Tank with no money, no business experience, no working prototype, and no sense of costs or market potential. Yet she still managed to walk back out with a handshake licensing deal -- for 2% -- from infomercial king Kevin Harrington, who promised sales by the million through television marketing.

But it wasn't the end of her work. Her battery-powered Turbo Baster, a combination turkey baster/marinade injector, still isn't cooking. WalletPop's Jason Cochran talks to Cruz by Skype and discovers that even though her product made its national television debut, its journey to the marketplace is far from over. "I was hoping for a little bit higher [of a] percentage," she admits. "In fact, it's still negotiable, I believe. I haven't really signed any contracts."

Our Skype interview -- made to look like a network news phone-in by the foibles of technology -- is part of our ongoing post-show coverage on the nail-biting venture capitalism docu-series, in which Americans with big ideas try to make money fast by begging five millionaire Sharks for cash. Check out all of our previous interviews with Sharks, unlikely winners, and notorious losers on our AfterShark home page.