Moving? Hire the Pros or DIY?

Paying professional movers might be some of the best money you ever spend. But, professional movers can be expensive. So, how to choose between hiring pros and doing it yourself?

Here's a list of pros and cons to help you decide how to move. What would you add?

Hiring the Pros
Pro: You can determine how much "pro" you need. Just someone to haul boxes or pack everything, too?
Con: Every additional service adds more to the cost.

Pro: Your movers will show up on time or call if there is a delay.
Con: You can't slack off or push the schedule back; you must be ready at the specified time.

Pro: You can move much faster with additional hands.
Con: You'll be expected to tip, treat the crew to lunch, or at least offer water or soda refreshments depending on local custom.

Do It Yourself
Pro: Cheaper, much cheaper.
Con: Potentially exhausting, particularly, if you're moving into or out of a walk-up apartment.

Pro: You can recruit your friends for assistance.
Con: You have to call in favors, and, at the least, you'll need to treat them to pizza and/or beer.

You can move at your own pace over days or weeks.
Con: Moving yourself can take three times as long.

A Happy Medium Between DIY and the Pros
In my opinion, the best apartment move is somewhere in-between. I pack, stage and ready everything myself but then call in some help for the day itself. You can, too. Here's how:

First, plug in your requirements to AOL's Moving Widget. Include details such as walkup or elevator, number of bedrooms, total distance, etc. Select your most competitive quote.

Second, pack and stage everything so it's ready the day of the move. If you already have access to your new place, you can start moving smaller incidentals. Group boxes by room for the most efficient move.

Third, await your muscle! When your movers arrive, you should have everything ready to load, haul and move. When the job is done, be sure to say thanks and tip them for their effort. Consider a 20 percent tip or more for excellent service.

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