HP offering 25% cashback on purchases through Bing

We've already covered that the Back to School season is one of the best times to buy a laptop, but now thanks to HP and Bing the deals are even better.

Bing Cashback, formerly known as Live Cashback, is offering 25% back on all HP purchases which originate from the Bing.com search engine. And, students and teachers can save even more by buying through the HP Academic Purchase Program. - Update: Cashback is no longer eligible for educational discount purchases.

On top of the Bing Cashback and APP savings, shoppers are eligible for any non-coupon specials including discounts on netbooks, laptops, desktops and accessories.

Some of the best savings can be found on already discounted computers like the HP dv4T, which is the Laptop Deal of the Week with $379 in savings, bringing the cost down to $579 before the educational discount and Bing Cashback.

Students can save an additional $60 on the HP dv4T's current sale price thanks to the Academic Purchase Program, bringing the price down to $521 before the 25% cashback. After the Bing Cashback rebate your final cost to purchase one of my personal picks for back to school computing is a little more than $400! Even without the educational discount, 25% cashback is a great deal if you need a new computer.

If you want to join the HP Academic Purchase Program to take advantage of student pricing, I recommend that you sign up before you begin the Bing Cashback process. This will lessen the chance that you leave HP.com and come back from someplace other than Bing, which affects your eligibility for cashback. Make sure that you sign up for the APP program with the same email address that you will use to collect your Bing Cashback.

To get the Bing Cashback Discount you need to visit Bing.com and search for HP. When the results appear you'll see a box at the top linking to HP.com and a Gold Coin followed by "Bing cashback" like the image below.

After you click on the link you'll be prompted to register with Bing Cashback. Enter the same email you used to sign up for your student discount and click shop and get cashback.

You'll need to sign in to your account to see the APP pricing and from there all you have to do is make your purchase like normal. After you complete your purchase you'll be able to log into your Bing account and see pending cashback which you'll be able to claim in 60 days.

In the past users have had issues collecting Live Cashback payments because they used coupons, which violates the terms of the program, but HP confirmed to WalletPop that purchases made through the APP program were eligible for the 25% cashback. Just don't add any coupon codes to your order or you won't be eligible for any cashback.

The 25% Bing Cashback savings won't last long so don't delay if you need a back-to-school computer and want to take advantage of the savings. Before you buy make sure the Bing Cashback signup screen still shows the 25% discount otherwise you're out of luck.
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