Get good karma and a free taco Aug. 27

Taco Del Mar

is giving the gifts of karma and tacos by allowing friends to give each other a free taco on Aug. 27, which the company says is World Forgiveness Day.

Find a restaurant near you and send that e-card soon.

The Web site even gives e-card senders some selections to describe what they're sorry for and to clear their consciences.

They include:

  • I'm sorry for leaving the toilet seat up again.

  • I'm sorry my dog ate your stash.

  • I'm sorry I did that thing that time in that place.

I guess any day is a good day to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness, but according to my research, Forgiveness Day is usually the first Sunday in August, so Taco Del Mar is more than four weeks late. But better late than sorry.