Fed Chief Bernanke is identity theft victim

You can now add Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to the long list of the the rich and famous who have been victims of identity theft.

It's just been revealed that while Bernanke was in the throes of dealing with the financial crisis and Wall Street collapse last summer, he was faced with his own financial crisis at home. He and his wife were one of hundreds of victims of a $2.1 million identity theft scheme.

While at a local coffee shop, a thief had swiped his wife Anna's purse off the back of her chair.Her purse contained her wallet, driver's license, their joint checkbook, four credit cards and her Social Security card. Unfortunately for her and Ben, their home address and telephone number were also printed on their checks.

Her pocketbook was a veritable treasure trove of information for an identity thief! And the thief promptly started cashing checks on the Bernanke family bank account.

We know firsthand that EVERYONE is vulnerable to ID theft because it happened to us.Not long ago, someone obtained access to our personal line of credit at our local bank.

Thankfully, we realized what had happened quickly enough to alert the authorities and avoid any money being stolen from the account.We were VERY lucky.

Like us, the Bernankes were eventually able to clear up the mess (it helps when you are one of the most powerful men in Washington with vast law enforcement agencies at your disposal!) without lasting damage.

But not everyone is so lucky. Their story is a good opportunity for you to learn from their mistakes and protect yourself so you don't become the next identity theft victim.

  1. Don't print personal information-like your address, phone number or Social Security number--on your personal checks.
  2. Your Social Security number is a very important piece of information....don't carry your card with you!
  3. Instead, on the backs of your credit cards, write "photo ID required" in place of the signature. If your credit cards are stolen, it will be more difficult for a thief to make purchases with it.
  4. Ladies, don't leave your purse on your chair or in a shopping cart! Keep it on your lap or your shoulder.

Think it couldn't happen to you?Ask Ben...he probably thought the same thing!

For five simple steps you can take today to protect yourself from identity theft, visit Dolans.com.
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