Facebook Farm Games: Which One Should I Play?


Maybe all this technology is making us yearn for the simpler days -- Facebook has recently seen a boom of farm-themed social games. Part time-management, part strategy, these addicting games have us planting and harvesting crops week after week. Who knew we had such a green thumb?

Here's the quick and dirty on five of the most popular farm games on Facebook, along with our recommendations for which ones you should invest your time in.


- 2D 'farmer' avatar that you can customize.
- You can trees or livestock to your friends as gifts.
- Earn money to buy fences, hay, barns to customize your farm. *Most of the games we listed have this feature
- Each crop takes a different number of hours/days to ripen, but if you wait too long to harvest, the crop will die.
- Wide variety of animals, each produces its own product (milk from cows, wool from sheep, etc).
- Friends leaderboard so you can compare your progress. *All of the games have this feature.

Recommended: Yes! We play this one a ton at Games.com offices. The customization options means we can design our farms just the way we want them, and the addition of farm livestock is charming (and let's face it, realistic!). Some of the wait times for certain crops are a bit long (4 days is about the upper limit), and you'll have to re-plow fallow land after harvesting, so the 'quicker' crops end up turning a smaller profit. But overall Farmville is cute, addictive and well-made.

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