Your next YouTube video could earn you cash!

People hoping to hit the big time with the next "one-off" viral video on YouTube can, beginning today, earn a lot more than Internet fame. The popular video-sharing Web site is changing its revenue-sharing program to allow you to earn cash for your viral videos.

The addition of "one-off" videos to YouTube's revenue sharing marks a big change in what was a very selective program. While creating one great viral video won't automatically gain you access to the exclusive YouTube Partner Program, which features Internet Celebrities like Tay Zonday, it does offer you the chance to make "thousands of dollars a month" if your video is selected for revenue sharing.

Don't go looking for a revenue sharing option on your last YouTube upload just yet! YouTube will be monitoring video statistics to invite content creators to take part in the new revenue sharing feature. If you're looking to turn your 15 minutes of fame into a quick buck, here's what YouTube will be looking for when it invites videos into the revenue sharing group.

  • Number of views
  • Video's Virality
  • Ability to endure
  • Compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service
Without any specific numbers to tell you how many views a video needs or what exactly defines virality to the team at YouTube, there's quite a bit of leeway for videos to make the cut. It's safe to say that so long as you're not violating the terms of service and your next YouTube video hits the front page of Digg, shows up on Boing Boing or is forwarded around offices nationwide that you'll be ready to collect payment.

What are you waiting for? Now that you can get paid for posting videos to YouTube you should be brainstorming and taping every moment of your life so that you can be the next Jud Laipply (The Evolution of Dance Guy) or capture the next "Charlie bit my finger - again" moment. If you play your cards right you might be able to pay off your debt by making others laugh, cringe and cry!
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