Coupon queen feeds family of six for $4 a week

Kathy Spencer of Boxford, Mass. has to be the Jedi Master of coupons. If you know anyone who can beat her record of feeding a family of six and three pets for around $4 a week -- all thanks to her stealth discount shopping -- then I'd tell you that person is shoplifting!

You can be a coupon master too, but it takes a lot of planning and buying in bulk when it's on sale, Spencer told Boston's WCVB TV. "We freeze everything. If taco shells are on sale, we pull out chicken from the freezer and make tacos."

Spencer spends about five hours a week scouring newspapers, circulars, and websites for deals, and about four hours in grocery stores matching coupon to item. "A lot of the stuff I get for nothing. I will mail in a rebate and actually make money," she says.

On a shopping trip in Seabrook, New Hampshire, Spencer scored $279 in groceries for 39 cents. Gail Huff, the reporter who accompanied her on the trip, vouches for the savings, "I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it."

You can follow Spencer's savings on the "How to shop for FREE" group on the social networking site, Needless to say the coupon master has thousands of followers and growing.,feedConfig,entry&id=473989&pid=473988&uts=1251373843
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