What Married Guys Say About Moving in Together

To move in together or not to move in together. When that's the question, here are some real-life arguments from guys who've been there. These guys had good experiences; they're all married now to women they lived with (although for some, there were previous girlfriends who didn't get the ring). Here's what they had to say about cohabitation.

The PROS and CONS of moving in together ...

"No more cleaning up after your roommate. You get to be civilized and build a home together. The person you're living with is not just your roommate anymore."

"It's kinda fun to live out your single days in your apartment; you can be a slob, have your privacy, have your friends over whenever you want. A girl can be a girl, a guy can be a guy."

- Joe, now married to former live-in girlfriend

"Increased probability of sex due to proximity."

"Having to give an explanation, no matter how simple, every time you leave the house. When you live with guys, you never hear, 'Where are you going?'"

- John, cohabited for 5.5 years, now married with two kids

"You have someone around to share all kinds of mundane household chores."

"Unless you have a bathroom with two sinks, you will always have a toothbrushing competition at bedtime."

- Rick, "things worked out happily," he's now married to girlfriend

"You get to find out if she is messy/anal/irresponsible/a good cook/jittery/lethargic: You really get to find out what she's like, more so than by just spending a few hours together."

"Two people's stuff has to go in a space designed for one person. Less 'alone time' or personal space."

- Nick, lived with wife for a year before getting engaged and says "it was a very good idea"

"Much nicer and cleaner living situation. I went from a crumbling ceiling, beer bottles and empty orange juice boxes laying in the corner of the kitchen, a broken dishwasher, and stains on the carpets and walls (that would make you blush) to an actual, really nice, grown-up apartment. Plus, no silverfish!"

"After years of extemporaneous foraging for dinner, hello negotiated dinner situation! While the latter has its upside, like roasted pork loin and rosemary potatoes after a shitty Tuesday at work, gone were the days of two slices of pepperoni pizza and five Heinekens for dinner. Our biggest arguments often emanated from trying to decide what to eat and who would cook. I quickly became nostalgic for the simple old days of frozen Stouffer's mac & cheese and an airplane bottle of Stoli for dinner."

- Steve, cohabited or "lived in sweet, sweet sin" for a year before getting married

"Waking up to your beloved every morning."

"Waking up to your beloved's morning breath every morning."

- Ralph, cohabitation followed by engagement and now newly married, "it's worked out so far"

"Having a constant woman's touch in the house and on my booty. Also, having something to look forward to at the end of the day when I get home from work."

"Having someone at the house constantly and losing some of my personal time."

- Tim, relationship worked, now married with a baby

"Guys typically don't have a lot of 'stuff,' so having access to all the 'stuff' (appliances, lotions, dishes, furniture, etc.) that a woman brings to a domestic partnership can be useful."

"Having to live with and deal with having all that 'stuff' around the house."

- Quinn and his girl have been together for 5 years, and married for the last 14 months of that time.

The married men have spoken, what's your take on living together? Good idea or bad one?

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