Tasty! Kitchen necessities for less at the dollar store

While browsing in the housewares section of my local Walmart recently, a few things caught my eye, not because they were unique but because I had seen the same things at the dollar store. I realized that just buying one each of the five items mentioned below, one could save $12.91, and much more if you were to buy multiples.

So let's see how buying kitchen gadgets at the dollar store stacks up...

Micro-wave splatter cover -- I've been using my dollar store micro-wave splatter cover for years with no complaints and I only paid a buck for it. At Walmart you'll pay $3.22 and the only difference is the Walmart cover has a brand name attached to it along with a raised handle to grab onto instead of just finger holes. Are either of those things worth $2.22 to anyone?

Clear glass mugs -- A 16 oz. mug costs $4.15 at Walmart. Irish coffee mugs, which also happen to be just the right size for making a packet of hot chocolate are $2.29 each at Walmart. By opting for the dollar store mugs, you can save $3.15 for the larger mug and $1.29 for the smaller one. That's a total of $4.44, money you could be using to buy your favorite ground coffee or hot chocolate.

Clear glass dinner or side plates -- This style of plate, either the larger dinner plate or the side plate, is $1.37 at Walmart. If you're buying a few pieces, 37 cents can add up real quick so get them at the dollar store, instead. For example, if you want eight each of the dinner and side plates, you will be paying $21.92. The same 16 plates from the dollar store would only cost $16. Use the $5.92 saved to help fill those plates.

Clear glass bowls
-- These 5.75-inch bowls are $1.55 each at Walmart. Save .55 cents each by getting them at the dollar store. Both bowls come from the same manufacturer in Mexico.

Large glass cutting board -- The ones at Walmart cost $8.33, I got the exact same thing for $2 at my local dollar store. That's a significant savings of $6.33; a lot of cabbage or cucumber or tomatoes.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes home decorating ideas and tips using only items from the dollar store.

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