Stop Locking Yourself Out!

Few curse words seem adequate when you realize you've locked yourself out of your apartment. Again!

Here are some ways to stop locking yourself out of your apartment. Use with caution...

Key Exchange
A trusted neighbor or friend can be enlisted as an emergency key-keeper. Choose this person wisely. Also, do not expect this person to drop everything the moment you get "dumba** fever."

Hide in Plain View
Forget fake rocks and doormats. Keep a back-up key outside of your apartment. The best place? Somewhere you can retrieve it and replace it without anyone seeing you and discovering it. Select a location that is nearby but not so near that it would be immediately obvious where the key may fit. Be paranoid and assume someone is watching you.

I have a friend who keeps a spare key to his apartment several blocks away in Central Park. Crazy, right? He figures that if someone finds the key, it will be worthless. So far, no one has ever moved his key. And he rests easy knowing he's got backup when he needs it.

Develop a Routine
Of course, the best way to stop locking yourself out is to establish some kind of routine. The last thing I do before I step out the door is to verify my keys are in my purse. It's a little OCD, but, it's finally cured my lock-out problems. Whether its a pat on the pocket or jingle in your bag, do the same thing each time and your key-check confirmation will become automatic.
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