Trading used baby products? Toys R Us offers discounts in exchange


On the heels of Cash for Clunkers and riding the tide of heightened interest in product safety, Toys R Us is making an unusual offer: Bring in your used cribs, car seats and other baby products and get a discount on new ones.

Bring in these products and you'll get 20% off in certain categories and only from certain manufacturers. For Toys R Us, it's a good way to get publicity and potentially do some good.

Although the Consumer Product Safety Improvment Act is intended to largely cut off sales of dangerous used products, they are still passed along or sold beyond detection at neighborhood yard sales. Only a small portion of recalled products are typically accounted for even in the most deadly situations -- such as cribs or play yards that led to multiple deaths.

So, offering an incentive to potentially take some of these products out of circulation is laudable -- even if it's ultimately an economic stimulus for a big company.