No worries: an atheist will care for your pet after the Rapture takes you


The startling popularity of theLeft Behind book series has popularized the concept of the Rapture, foretold in the Bible as the time Christians will ascend en masse to heaven, leaving behind those who have not accepted the Christian God.

Apparently, also left behind will be legions of loyal dogs, cats and other pets beloved by the departed.

Now a group of atheists has created a business that will care for these pets post-Rapture.

Eternal Earth-bound Pets, USA. guarantees that, for $110, should the Rapture take place within the next 10 years it will rescue and care for your dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or other small caged animal. The service is available in 20 states so far.

The staff are required to pass a screening to assure they are atheists (and certain to remain left behind), animal lovers, and free of a criminal record.

Are the business owners serious, or is this simply a way to mock those who see current events presaging of the Second Coming?

Either way, their business model seems flawed, since some Biblical descriptions of the event contend that the Earth will be destroyed after the faithful are lifted into heaven -- bad news for Spot, the staff at Eternal Earth-bound Pets, and even those who paid for the coverage.

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