As Seen on TV: RoboMaid/RoboMop may have a better future as a toy

The product:
RoboMaid aka RoboMop
The price: $7.49, plus $9.40 for shipping and handling, so the price really is $16.89
The claims: Dusts your floors for you so you don't have to
The Buy-o-meter rating: 2 on a scale of 5 as a cleaner; 4 out of 5 as a toy

With the iRobot Roomba becoming so popular for those who want things clean with minimal participation from themselves, it seems natural the As Seen on TV world would counter with its own product. Enter RoboMaid, now sold as RoboMop outside the U.S.,feedConfig,entry&id=483821&pid=483820&uts=1251230236
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Cassandra Shie, AOL
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OK, RoboMaid -- which has been around for a while -- doesn't pretend to be Roomba, which is a sophisticated vacuum that can cost upwards of $400. RoboMaid markets itself as a duster and its technology, while minor-league compared to Roomba, is pretty cool for its way-cheaper price.

RoboMaid is basically a battery powered ball with a timer that rolls inside a flimsy plastic cage with a disposable pad stuck to its bottom. RoboMaid works only on hard floors and reverses itself when it collides with obstacles or carpet.

Its pad does collect dust and pet hair, but just moves around anything else in its path. It did a particularly good job in a bathroom.

But what RoboMaid really excels at is amusement. Animals, small children and even some easily amused adults will stare at the utter silliness of this thing rolling aimlessly around a room. You could have all sorts of fun with this thing, dressing up the little cage and making it look like a robot or attaching a cat toy and driving your felines nutty.

As a cleaner, not so great. As a toy, there's some potential here. Some videos capturing the silliness potential of the product, such as the one below, have found their way onto YouTube.
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