As Seen on TV: Mighty Mendit not all Billy Mays says, but has some value

mighty mendit
mighty mendit

Failed product or not? We check out the Might Mendit

The product:
Mighty Mendit
The price: Three tubes for $19.99 plus $8.95 for shipping and handling, bringing the total to $28.94.
The claims: Repairs almost any fabric, fast way to fix rips, make hems, leaves no stains
The Buy-o-meter rating: 3 out of 5

The late great Billy Mays just seemed so excited and sure about Mighty Mendit that it has to work. Right?

Mighty Mendit claims to be the miracle product for those who don't want to sew or need a sturdy repair in a hurry. There is some validity to the claims.

A sneaker that split at a seam was ably repair by Mighty Mendit with barely a hint that anything was wrong with it. It didn't do so great making a hem on denim jeans. After more than two hours -- the amount of time the directions say a Mighty Mendit-repaired garment should be wearable -- the hem failed. It seems to prefer textures like leather and thinner fabrics.

Mighty Mendit essentially is fabric glue, but seems to have an extra oomph, much like using epoxy. It smells very strong, like nail polish remover -- which makes sense since acetone is one of the ingredient. The product is highly flammable and is covered with warnings.

For the direct ordering price of $28.94 for three tubes, it's simply overkill. Too much to invest for too much product. But if you scale it back for the $10 you could drop at As Seen on TV displays in pharmacies and discount stores, it could be worth a go if you have a few projects that might fit the bill.