AfterShark: guy grosses out judges on Shark Tank


WalletPop's Jason Cochran caught up with Bryan Parks, the guy whose improbable Chopstick Art business - making bowls and wine racks out of used chopsticks -- was laughed out of the famous Shark Tank last night. "You have no business being here," investor Barbara Corcoran told him before he hit the road.

That's not deterring greenie entrepreneur Parks, who granted us an interview during a pit stop in Bloomington, Indiana, in the middle of a cross-country trek. Find out how he feels about the Sharks' quick rejection of him, whether he's still $100,000 in the hole with credit card debt, and just how he manages to take all those chopsticks out of the mouths of diners to make crafts.

Our Skype interview is part of our ongoing post-show coverage on the nail-biting venture capitalism docu-series, in which Americans with big ideas try to make money fast by begging five millionaire Sharks for cash. Check out all of our previous interviews with Sharks, unlikely winners, and notorious losers on our AfterShark home page!

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