Top 3 Design Trends from the N.Y. Gift Fair

Designers and manufacturers from around the world put their best pieces forward this week at the The New York International Gift Fair in New York's immense Jacob Javits Center. Shop owners, interior designers and, of course, RentedSpaces was there scouting the endless aisles looking for this winter's it item, it color and whatever else might spark shoppers out of their recessionary caution.

Here are the home design trends to look out for this fall and winter:

It's a Stick-Up

We've written about the wall-sticker trend before (in this post), but it looks like the situation is about to get stickier - wall decals were everywhere at the fair. They are essentially a temporary form of wallpaper, the design itself is the sticker, just attach to your already-painted, bare or even cinder-block dorm-room wall. They're very renter-friendly as they peel off easily and can be moved around (so parents also love them for kids' rooms). And the designs have come a long way since the original polka dot and stripe styles. Now, you can find blossoming cherry trees, chalkboard's in a baroque-mirror shape, and chandeliers (my personal favorite).

Wool Felt Good

I don't know how to explain this one, except that there must be some copycatting going on here, but felt and hand-felted wool were all over the booths of the fair. Subtly Scandinavian in feel and whimsical in design, felt satisfies the mod, clean-line lover and the vintage DIYer alike. Aside from felt holiday stockings, the fabric showed up in place mats, cute pillows with a puffy felt flowers on top, ottomans and even--now this is a bit odd - bowls. (Apparently, they're a good catch-all for remotes and other coffee-table clutter.)

Eco-Livin' Large

And last but not least, recycled goods were super-hot. Products made from keyboards, tires, old newspapers, tennis rackets, anything you can think of, was being repurposed. The most prevalent, were baskets, boxes and trash cans made from rolled-up colorful newspapers. This starburst mirror from Two's Company (left) was my favorite of the genre.

What are you diggin' this fall?

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