Great Idea, Ikea!

A trip to famed flat-pack supercenter Ikea is a universal experience. Excitement about visiting the amusement park of furniture stores; broken vows to buy only what's on the shopping list; unforeseen soft-serve cravings; and often, sorrow that the towering stock-shelf is empty of the item that you fell in love with on the showroom floor.

You'll still probably get taken for a $0.99 vanilla cone, but Ikea has finally offered up a solution to the disappointment of out-of-stock items, with a new component on their Web site that lets you check the stock of an item before you head out to the store.

Peruse their Web site or catalog to see what items you're interested in, and then, check in real-time to see whether the item is in stock, how many units are available, and even where in the vast stock area the item can be located. Armed with that information, a determined shopper could even bypass the showroom altogether. Leaving more time for ice cream!

via Apartment Therapy
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