Find old manuals and new gadgets with Retrevo

computersMost new electronics purchases go something like this. Do just enough research to confirm that you want something, plunk down large amounts of cash, speed home from the store, obliterate the packaging and bask in the soft glow of an LCD screen.

The problem is that three days later, when you still haven't figured out how to turn the flash on your new DSLR camera off, you realize that you've thrown out the manual with the rest of the packaging! While you can Google the answer or ask a question of other owners, many times there's no replacement for the actual manual; well except for a replacement manual that is.

Thanks to Retrevo, you can make sure that your new gadget is the best value before you buy and keep track of your user manuals for the life of your gadget.
Retrevo makes it easy to find thousands of user manuals from major manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Nikon all the way down to smaller operations like Nextar and GPX.

You can search Retrevo for manuals by brand, device type or simply by typing your model number in the site's search box. Once you've found the manual for your gadget you can save it to the Retrevo site under "My Manuals" so that you'll always have easy access to your product manuals including troubleshooting, warranty and contact information.

Retrevo doesn't just help you keep track of the gadgets you already own, it compiles information to make it easy for you to make smart purchasing decisions. Each product page on Retrevo combines reviews, product timelines and deals to educate you about your potential purchase.

If you discover that the "new" camera you've had your eye on is over the hill or already retired, you can click "show me newer products" and Retrevo's Product Advisor will display comparable products mapped out on a graph showing which products offer the most value. You'll certainly want to do additional research, but if you're still narrowing your options, Retrevo's Product Advisor is a great place to start. You can even get product recommendations on the go by tweeting @RetrevoQ for a 140 character buying recommendation.

Retrevo is a feature-packed website that every consumer should check out before and after major purchases. The only thing missing from Retrevo's collection of services is a place for users to upload their receipts so that they are easy to find in case they need them for support.
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