Betrayed: SIGG bottles contained BPA lining through 2008


I trusted Swiss aluminum-bottle manufacturer SIGG, even though in general I'm not inclined to trust any company in our modern society's atmosphere of lax regulation of chemicals. Case in point: The FDA has largely refused to accept the science behind whether bisphenol-A was really such a bad hormone disrupter until the past year,

When I finally became convinced that BPA was potentially harmful to my growing boys (not to mention my own self), I bought several SIGG bottles. My family now has eight sweet and stylish aluminum bottles -- $160-some worth of liquid protection.

The bottles I have are copper-lined, with a dull metallic sheen. Then I discovered that they were lined with a water-based epoxy material that contains BPA.

To be clear: the bottles being produced today, and for the last roughly 12 months, do not contain any BPA in the lining; you'll be able to tell by the color of the inside of your bottle. The new lining is beige and does not appear to be metallic. And, according to independent testing released by SIGG before the liner change, BPA did not leach into liquids kept in SIGG bottles, including fruit juice, water and cola.

So maybe my children are safe? Well, not exactly.