As Seen on TV: Windshield Wonder -- of some use, but not worth the money


The product: Windshield Wonder
The price: Buy one get one free for $10, but add in $6.99 each for shipping and handling and the price really is $23.98
The claims: "Clean Windshields Without Stretching or Straining," uses tap water instead of cleaners....
The Buy-o-meter rating: 2 on a scale of 5

Windshield Wonder does live up to its claims. The microfiber pads work well for cleaning the inside of a windshield and interior car windows. It is a green product, using tap water in a small spray bottle that comes with the wiper.

And, as promised, the tool cleaned a rather dirty mirror in a house in pretty short order without streaking. It also does well to wipe off interior car window condensation.

You could use a microfiber cloth and achieve a similar result. If you really did get two Windshield Wonders for $10, it might actually be worth a second thought. But for about $24, the cost is just too steep for what you're getting.

Nothing against Windshield Wonder -- which really does get to those hard to reach places -- but your money could be a lot better spent. Unless you really love gadgets, are short and need an extra 16 inches to reach high mirrors in your house or are obsessed with ridding your interior car windows of dust this is one invention you could live without.

For as often as I have to clean the inside of my windows, I'll stick with a cloth.