Michael Moore is back, and this time he's taking on Wall Street


Michael Moore's latest documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, will hit theaters on October 2nd. The trailer is up on YouTube and let me tell you, it looks pretty entertaining. It's also perfectly timed to capitalize on the well-earned bailout angst that is sweeping across America.

Judging from a two-minute preview (see below), it looks like more of what we've come to expect from Mr. Moore: well put together, highly entertaining, at times enraging, with more than a hint of conspiracy.

As usual, Moore can be a bit disconnected from reality, but comes far closer to the truth than most of what passes for unbiased media coverage. In a scene in the preview, Moore shows up at the corporate headquarters of one bailout recipient, armed with canvas bags, ready to take back the money for the American people. We know he won't succeed, but we also know that in a just world, he would.

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