Beyond the Internet: a glimpse of your future (and it is SO cool)

This is your future. You pick up a carton of milk, and on that carton is projected the price in competing stores. As you leaf through a new book, on the page is projected a review by your favorite critic, and an estimate of how likely you are to enjoy it, based on your reading history.

Want to know the time? Draw a circle on the back of your wrist and a watch face showing the time is projected on it. Want to take a photo? Simply hold up your fingers as though framing a shot. This is shopping, and living, in the future.

This eight-minute presentation, by Pattie Maes of MIT at the TED conference, an annual meeting of people on the cutting age of human advancement, is one of the most fascinating I've ever seen. The deeper she gets into her presentation, the more amazing the sixth sense project becomes. I was totally blown away.

Thanks, Mashable

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