Spice Up Your Entry With These Cool Coat Racks

After recently downsizing from a small house to a smaller apartment, I've got to make the most of every inch of space. So I'm on the hunt for a cool coat rack.

The catch is that it can't stick out from the wall too far, otherwise, the front door will bang into it. And it needs to look good, even without anything on it. So after a Web and walking hunt in my new Brooklyn neighborhood, I came across a few contenders ...


I loved this Mountain Coat Range when I spotted it at Brooklyn's green home shop, 3R Living. It has a slim profile so it doesn't intrude on the room. And it's sculptural and looks good even without anything on it. Turns out, Brooklyn-based green design firm Brave Space Design fabricates the range out of leftover wood from their studio. The contrast of walnut and FSC-certified maple create the cool snow-capped look. Although I love this one, it's a tad pricey at $195, especially since it can only hold four coats.

Industrial Edge

For a more traditional coat rack style, I came across this Accordia Multi-Hook Rack by Umbra (right). It's a modern interpretation of the old accordion-fold coat racks of yore. The nickel material gives it a sleek, industrial feel. And it holds a whopping seven coats, which gives it a lot more functionality. And $31.50 ain't a bad price, either.


Another design I couldn't resist was this awesome Antler Coat Rack at super-cool Brooklyn shop Matter. It's designed by Brit Alexander Taylor for Thorsten van Elten and made of powder-coated steel wire. It comes in four colors (red, white, blue and black) and would add just a touch of whimsy to my wall. At $130, it's up there, but maybe worth it.

I haven't pulled the trigger yet; the search isn't over. Let me know if you've come across any well-designed coat racks. Fall is almost here so we'll have to decide sooner or later ...

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