Betsy McCaughey loves lies, hates health care reform


Betsy McCaughey is a crazy lady, in that when you hear her spew her political rhetoric that health care reform will kill senior citizens, you wonder if she's not channeling Joe McCarthy. This woman has been making quite a living scaring people out of supporting health care reform, as James Fallows explains in The Atlantic:

"In the early 1990s McCaughey single-handedly did a phenomenal amount to distort discussion of health-care policy and derail the Clinton health bill. She did so through an entirely fictitious argument about what the bill would do. You can go back in the records here, here, and here, but the issue boils down to this: She claimed that the bill would make it illegal to go outside the government plan for coverage or pay doctors on your own. If a doctor took money for such outside-the-system services, she said, the doctor could go to jail. That was a flat-out lie. (One of the very first clauses of the legislation said, "Nothing in this Act shall be construed as prohibiting the following: (1) An individual from purchasing any health care services.") But her imaginary "no exit" claim was repeated so often by so many "respectable" media sources that it effectively became "true" and played a large part in stopping the bill. It would be as if the "birthers" had persuaded John Roberts to say, "Wait a minute, let's take another look at that birth certificate" and decline to swear in Obama on inauguration day."

And she's baaack, spreading the false rumor that the latest health care reform proposal includes a government death panel! It doesn't.

Luckily we have Jon Stewart to point this out and stand up to McCaughey's fancy politician footwork, in other words her blatant self-serving, careerist, narcissistic lies. Stewart dedicated an entire episode of the Daily Show to interviewing McCaughey, since her lies were so destructive the first time the government tried to fix the abysmally broken health care system.

Below are three videos of their debate, and each one gets hotter and hotter.

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