Vacation Checklist! How to Leave Your Apartment for a Short-Term Absence

Vacation time! Before you do the final zip on your duffel bag or the final click on your suitcase, make sure you've addressed these critical items on your pre-vacation checklist. Your apartment will thank you.

Confirm Pet & Plant Care
Remember how you and your best girlfriend got together for a few drinks and she agreed watch your dog? Make sure she's still on, has a key, and all the necessary instructions. Ditto for plants. Don't assume a roommate will throw a plant some water if it's wilting or dying right there in the kitchen. (I learned the hard way!)

Leave Itinerary and Emergency Contact Info

If you have roommates this is considerate. It is also a safety precaution if you've decided to go hiking or visit another country. A short and simple outline of your trip is all that is required.

Stop Your Mail

It's a good idea to stop your mail if your backpacking trip through China will last a few weeks. You can get a stop request from the post office. Or, consider asking a trusted friend to get your mail. You want to avoid making your apartment look like no one is home. If it does, it can attract vandals.

Departure Day Walk-Thru
Prior to leaving make sure to verify that everything that is supposed to be shut off is shut off. You don't want to return home to flooding or fire. In fact, save yourself the electricity costs and unplug everything while you're away. This can prevent having angry neighbors annoyed by your non-stop alarm clock. Don't forget to lock your door.

Enjoy your vacation!
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