Recession dressin' with Holly Getty: what to buy this fall

Walletpop's fashion recessionista, Holly Getty, tells you how to answer the call of fall--shopping, that is:

"You will soon be spending. Did you know that? Fall items are filling the stores and you're gonna want something new, trust me. The trick is how to direct your dollars. Spend on shoes (you've heard this before). If you are only able to spend on only one item, shoes are it.

"Good shoes can transform jeans and a tee into a statement. More importantly, shoes are the best and fastest way to communicate your style and personality. You know when something is so your own, people say it looks like you? Say your dog. Well, your shoes should say the same thing. Because of their transformative powers, you want to buy shoes that look like "(insert your name here) shoes". That is why they are worth the search, worth the investment.

"Another thing to lay some Benji's down for is a great pair of sunglasses. I say this now because they are currently on sale. Go to the stores you have always wanted to go to but never thought you could afford and check out what they have. This is time to get your designer fix on. Putting on a flattering pair of well designed sunglasses is the facial equivalent of putting on a great pair of shoes. Stimulate the economy and look good doing it."

Holly Getty is known for helping individuals liberate their personal style and create a signature look that allows them to feel good in any situation while working within their budget.