Don't buy that iPod! New models expected in September

Stop, children, what's that sound? Whole bunch of new iPods 'bout to touch down.

Despite the excellent selection of iPod apps that make back to school easier, now's not the time to buy a new iPod.

According to the Mac Buyer's Guide at Mac Rumors the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic are between 90 and 160 days overdue for an upgrade and the site recommends that you, "Don't Buy -- Updates soon."

Mac Rumors doesn't just analyze days since last upgrade to figure this out. It has a helping of iPod news every morning with their coffee to stay on top of what's coming up.

As if you need more conclusive evidence to hold off on purchasing an iPod for the next three weeks; the fact that Apple has scheduled a music related event on Sept. 9, the same date the last iPods were announced, should be enough to keep your credit card in your wallet.

What will the new iPod Touch bring? One of the most likely improvements will be more storage with estimates of a 64 GB iPod Touch to spur upgrades and stay one step ahead of the Microsoft Zune HD. Another expected addition to the iPod Touch that will alleviate some iPhone envy, is the rumored addition of a camera.

Even if you don't care about the new features and sizes coming to the iPod line, the update is good news for bargain hunters as the price of iPods on the secondary market, like eBay, will drop with the increased supply.

If an iPod isn't of interest you can check out the new Zune HD from Microsoft which also releases in September and is a bit cheaper than the current iPod Touch prices, even with an HD radio built in.
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