37 Percent of Working Dads Would Trade Pay for More Time at Home



It's been a long time since men were considered the lone breadwinner of their families and women were deemed stay-at-home moms. These days, "stay-at-home dad" is a turn of phrase heard as often as its female counterpart is – and if dads had anything to say about it, it would be heard a lot more.

Many working dads would be willing to trade work for family time if it were financially possible, according to CareerBuilder.com's 2008 "Working Dads" survey. Thirty-seven percent say they would take a pay cut if it meant spending more time at home. Of those fathers, 42 percent say they would take a pay cut of 10 percent or more. Of dads who live in households with more than one income, 37 percent would leave their job if their family could live off their spouse or significant other's income.

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