10 True Stories of Obnoxious Co-Workers

From talking loudly in an open work area to smacking gum or gossiping, there are countless ways to irk your co-workers. Here, 10 put-upon employees reminisce about their annoying colleagues. If these sound all too familiar, take a good look in the mirror, they could be talking about you!

Her Highness

"I once had an administrative assistant, who, while impeccably groomed and professional appearing, was extremely forgetful, chronically late and utterly clueless. One morning, she arrived 25 minutes into a staff meeting. When I suggested she get here on time to cover the phones, she placed her hands on her hips and snapped, 'Do you think I just roll out of bed looking like this?'"
- Ray, 52, Corporate Attorney

Do You Have to Ask?

"I once worked with a guy who answered every question with a question of his own: 'Have you seen the budget?' "Have I seen the budget?" 'Yes I gave it to you last week to review.' "You gave it to me last week?" 'Yes, did you lose it?' "What do you mean did I lose it?" Each conversation was a circle with no resolution."
- Charlene, 38, Marketing Director

No Joke

"We had a practical joker in our office who didn't know when to quit. He would page fictitious people over the intercom and send e-mail messages announcing free pizza or donuts in the coffee room and then snigger as people drifted back to work complaining that there was none left. He eventually was let go as part of a restructuring. We gave him a whoopee cushion as a parting gift!"
- Rich 27, Accountant

Spam Alert

"We called him Mr. FYI. He was forever clipping articles and highlighting irrelevant information in research papers and cc-ing them to our team."
- Raj, 35, Engineer

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

"We had a woman in our division who was convinced that all men had designs on her. She would complain of colleagues 'undressing her with their eyes' and woe be to anyone who had to be in close proximity of her. Once an elderly man accidentally brushed against her on his way out of a crowded elevator; she glared at him and muttered something about sexual harassment in the workplace. The funny thing was that she was actually quite plain."
- Karen, 34, Sales Manager

Resident Freeloader

"He was always borrowing things and never returning them. Be it money, lip balm or office supplies, he never seemed to have what he needed and always sponged off everyone else."
- Kara, 38, Marketing Manager

Drama Queen

"I worked with a woman who was extremely high-strung and tried to pull everyone else into her drama. Whenever you spoke to her she was in crisis. Her e-mails and voice messages were all marked 'urgent.' And she typed her memos in all CAPS with every sentence ending in an exclamation point."
- Eileen, 29, Video Production Manager

Mr. Suck-Up

"He was a brown-noser and extremely superficial -- always hanging around the bosses' office and laughing a little too hard at the higher-ups' jokes. Every day at 5PM he'd buy a can of soda, open it and leave it out on his desk with the lights on and a jacket on the back of the chair so that people would think he was still there. Perhaps the most annoying thing about it was that his fakery worked! He was consistently rewarded and promoted."
- Lance, 27, Logistics Manager

Love Line

"I sat next to a girl who spent most of her day on personal calls. If she wasn't talking to her boyfriend, she was talking to her friends about him. I thought it couldn't get any worse than listening to her coo and profess her love, but I was wrong. He broke up with her (apparently on the phone) and I listened to her cry to her sisters, mother and anyone else who would listen. She even put one of the conversations on speakerphone, because she needed two hands to find tissue and blow her nose."
- Tinna, 32, Administrative Assistant

Privacy Please

"I worked with an older woman who was sweet but overly solicitous. The last straw came one day after I returned from Mexico with Montezuma's revenge. After a particularly long trip to the men's room, I came out the door to find her standing there. In a loud voice she announced, "I heard noises in there, are you alright?"
- Tim, 23, I.T. Help Desk Representative

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