iList Micro turns your tweets into classfied ads

There's no shortage of places to buy and sell stuff online. Sites like eBay and Craigslist make it easy to list your wants and needs for the world to see, but they don't make it easy to sell to your best customer -- your friends and followers on social networks.

Now, thanks to iList Micro you can easily advertise items you have for sale or those that you want by adding an #iwant or an #ihave tag to your tweet. From there, iList Micro finds potential matches and shares your classified ad with other Twitter users.

Chris Abad, CEO of iList, explained the unique draw of iList Micro to WalletPop in an e-mail exchange. "One of the coolest things about iList Micro is our ability to extract semantic meaning out of the tweets we index," he wrote. (i.e. product type, brand, etc.). "We then use that information to proactively match both the supply-side and demand-side in realtime. We help connect people (complete strangers even), who may be able to help each other and probably would have otherwise not found each other."

By tagging your tweet with these special words, known as hashtags, iList Micro will pull your Tweet into its classified listings and message users with corresponding needs and make it searchable through the iList Micro website. Not only will it categorize your tweets by the hashtags you use, but as Abad points out, the service is smart enough to pick out additional information from your tweet to make it more visible to interested parties.

In addition to telling your social network about your classified listing, iList Micro gives potential buyers the ability to know who you are. A quick glance at an individual's Twitter profile makes it easier to see if they are a scammer or a nutjob more than a page of eBay listings or guarded email exchanges via a throwaway Craigslist e-mail address ever could. Using iList Micro's Twitter integration to buy and sell is a free way to replicate Guy Kawasaki's method for rooting out Internet crazies on Craigslist using Spokeo.

iList Micro doesn't just make it easy to spot nutjobs, the connection to Twitter allows you to see if you have any friends in common with the buyer. This gives you a chance to see if they are a trustworthy individual, which is very helpful when dealing with high dollar items. For now you'll have to look for common friends manually, but Abad told WalletPop that iList hopes to make it easier to identify common friends in the future by showing them on the listing page.

Listing your classified on iList Micro limits you to 140 characters or less to sell your item -- actually a helpful constraint, given the limited attention span most people have these days. But if you really need more space to describe what you're selling, you can log into the service with your Twitter ID (iList Micro connects to your Twitter account using OAuth, a secure connection method, which means you don't have to give your password out to connect these accounts). After you connect your accounts you are able to add pictures, links to an eBay or Craigslist listing, as well as any other information you deem necessary to sell your stuff.

Using iList Micro is free, and you can start by simply adding the #iwant and #ihave keywords to a tweet. You only need to link up accounts if you want to add the additional information sources mentioned above. You can also follow iListMicro on Twitter to get updates when the service finds tweets matching your wants.

Now that advertising your extra stuff is as easy as telling your Twitter followers, maybe you'll finally clear out the guest bedroom.
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