Glendale to Jackson family: Pay for burial yourself, thanks

When the city of Los Angeles agreed to foot the bill for Michael Jackson's memorial service last month, a lot of people saw red. The city, with its $530 million deficit, was in no position to splurge on the $1.4 million the elaborate dog and pony show is estimated to have cost. The sleepy burg of Glendale, however, just up the road a bit, has no such problem.

The city of Glendale, home to the huge Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where Jackson is to be interred Aug. 29, has told the family that they will have to cough up the cash to pay for police and other services it will provide them as they lay to rest the King of Pop.

Glendale, population 200,00, has never had the kind of flashy image L.A. has so carefully fostered. So although Jackson's final performance will likely draw some media attention and some die-hard fans, requiring at least some police presence and other services, Glendale is holding fast to its resolve. The Jackson family will have to pay their own way.

Jackson will be interred in the cemetery's Great Mausoleum, alongside stage and screen luminaries from the past century. Forest Lawn is the final resting place of many of the biggest Hollywood names, including Humphrey Bogart, Theda Barret, W.C. Fields and Walt Disney, to name just a few.

WalletPop visited the question of who should pay for what earlier this summer. And boy, we got an earful! What do you think of this latest twist? Is Glendale right to refuse the bill? Was L.A. wrong to offer?
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