Debts are red, deposits are blue: Bad credit poetry contest wants you


If you're in debt up to your eyes,
here's a contest to win a cash prize.

That was a lame attempt at bad poetry, or at least at a bad rhyme. And while not all poetry has to rhyme, of course, this couplet makes the point that writing bad poetry about credit or debt is about as easy as racking up credit card debt.

If you have some bad poetry inside you related to credit or debt that is just bursting to get out, then the bad poetry contest could be your outlet. The winner will receive up to $1,000 to help pay off their credit card debt.

In full disclosure, I'm one of four judges in the contest, but please don't send entries to me.

Go to the SpendOnLife Web site for full details, but here are the basic rules:

  1. Your submission must be your own work of original poetry, and must relate to credit or debt.

  2. The contest starts Aug. 18 (National Bad Poetry Day) and ends Sept. 1.

  3. Submit your poem to You can submit no more than one poem per day.

  4. Any type of poem is allowed, as long as it's lousy. Funny, short, long, rhyming, free-verse, sonnet, haiku, even performance poetry in a video are allowed.

  5. By submitting your poem, you grant SpendOnLife republishing rights and the right to post your submission online (anonymously, unless you request otherwise). The winner will be announced Sept. 9.

The lucky winner will have to submit their most recent credit card statement, without the account number, and a check will be sent for the statement balance, up to $1,000.

Good luck to all.