Seven busted for slipping tourists a Mickey with bad tickets


Like hard drugs and booze, Disney can be addictive. Even when times are tight and income is lean, people still want a hit of the big Disney theme parks, so much so that despite everything else going on in the economy, they're still posting a decent profit.

While occupancy and hotel rates decline, gate prices at the big Orlando theme parks go up and up. Naturally, such a buoyant commodity is a tempting target for crooks, who prey on eager tourists who come to town, kids in tow, looking for a score.

Last week, after the mega water slide park Wet 'n Wild noticed that many tickets were being sold to credit cards registered as stolen, police arrested three people.

They're accused of pretending to be debt consolidation counselors, collecting credit card information, and then using those details to buy theme park tickets for resale on Craigslist. (They say their boss did it, and they're being taken for a ride.)