Can You Get Evicted for Losing Your Job or Being in Debt?


Losing a job or being in debt are bad enough to start.

But add in being evicted from your apartment because your landlord is worried that you won't pay the rent - and you're in a tough situation that's best to confront early.

If your landlord finds out about your financial problems and you don't have a lease, your tenancy can be terminated with proper notice - usually 30 days in most states.

If you have a lease, then you're OK until it runs out.

But for anyone with a month-to-month lease, the agreement can be terminated for any reason that isn't discriminatory, according to a story. You can't be evicted for race, religion, sex, ethnicity and such reasons, nor can you be put out for retaliatory reasons - such as complaining about unfit living conditions to a building inspector.