Trump fights court decision on his defamation suit

Last month a Camden County, N.J., judge shot down Donald Trump's frivolous effort to punish veteran New York Times editor Timothy L. O'Brien for raising questions about the Donald's net worth in the book TrumpNation. "While the comments made by O'Brien about Trump may suggest a lack of professionalism and/or personal animus against Trump," Superior Court Judge Michele M. Fox ruled, "under the law of defamation they do not establish clear and convincing evidence of actual malice."

How will it end? Here's my prediction: Trump appears willing to spend as much money as necessary to lash out at the writer who poked his narcissistic wound. At some point, the book's publisher (Hachette) and insurer will decide that enough is enough. The lawsuit will be settled out of court for no money and no admission of anything. Both parties will be sworn to secrecy, so Trump can declare some sort of victory, and Hachette can stop wasting money on something stupid.

I hope that doesn't happen, but it's the most likely outcome. But nothing would make me happier than to see Hachette fight the Donald to the death, and win.
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