Tips for back-to-school savings and more via Tip'd

This is a round-up of the most popular finance links from Tip'd, the social media site for investing news, in the past week. This week's stories includes a round-up of helpful back-to-school shopping tips, how to turn your hobby into a business, and why we shouldn't start to get all giddy about the economy just yet.

Back To School: 8 Money Saving Tips for Back To School Shopping (31 Tips)
Back to school time is right around the corner. Get your kid ready on the cheap with these eight helpful tips from Financial Highway. Tips include sticking to a budget, getting only what you need, and raiding your home school supplies before you ever go to a store. Read what people are saying about it.

Increase Your Cash Flow: Turn Your Hobby into a Business (24 Tips)
There are two ways to get ahead financially: reduce expenses or increase income. This blog post from Redeeming Riches focuses on the latter by turning a hobby into a cash-flow positive business. Check out the comments here.

Don't Call it a Recovery Quite Yet (23 Tips)
The unemployment rate experienced a slight downtick and the stock market has been up lately, but SmartMoney explains why our economy is not out of the woods yet. Read what people are saying about it.

55 Ways to Simplify Your Finances (20 Tips)
Getting your finances in order shouldn't be a chore. Here are 55 tips to simplify things from Fiscal Fizzle. Read the discussion at Tip'd.

ETF Hall of Shame: Nine Exchange-Traded Debacles (17 Tips)
With the number of ETFs being issued on the rise, there have been a lot of good new products coming out in the last several years. Here from are nine that weren't so hot. Read what people are saying about it.

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