AfterShark: Susan Knapp, whose pear jelly set off a $500,000 'Shark Tank' feeding frenzy


This morning, WalletPop's Jason Cochran talked to Susan Knapp, whose Napa-based A Perfect Pear gourmet foods company wowed the investors on ABC's Shark Tank and set off the first feeding frenzy of the season, with the moguls falling over each other to out-shark each other for a piece of the action.

The story didn't end with last night's broadcast. Knapp has much to reveal, including the fact that one Shark later dropped out of the deal, and another has made good on his investment by setting her up with an upcoming sales appearance on a major TV institution.

It's part of our ongoing post-show coverage on the nail-biting venture capitalism docu-series, in which Americans with big ideas try to make money fast by begging five millionaire Sharks for cash. Check out all of our previous interviews with Sharks, unlikely winners, and notorious losers on our AfterShark home page!