Apartment Moving Tips & Advice

Here are tried-and-true moving tips and advice to make your apartment move go as smoothly as possible:

* Secure keys to your new place first
Give away unwanted items and minimize what will need to be moved
Rent temporary storage space if your schedule or budget requires it

* Hire movers if you can afford them and remember you get what you pay for in service
* Determine local expectations if you hire movers - do they expect tips, lunch, both?
* Ask your friends and family to help
* Enlist someone to watch your car/van/truck for you as you move into a new location; petty theft robberies frequently occur during a move in or out
* Be grateful for any amount of assistance offered to you; remember no one is obligated to help you


* Move alone; you'll need at least one trusted friend with you at all times to be on the safe side with strangers like movers in your space
* Move into a new apartment without documenting any pre-existing damages first. Take a photo and call your landlord immediately
* Ignore posted parking rules - the last hassle you want is a ticket or a tow truck
* Forget to offer movers water and a 10-20 percent tip at the end (if that is customary in your area)
* Forget to forward your mail by filling out a form at the post office

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