Top 8 questions parents have about games

video game questions
video game questions

Want to make timely and informed video game purchases for your family? Our team of video game experts is on hand to answer your burning questions, just send it in!

1) Video games are known to be very violent. How do I know if a video game is appropriate for my child?

The easiest way to get a glimpse at the content in a game that you might purchase for your children is known as the ESRB guide. (Link to our ESRB section) The Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, is an independent company that examines the content of games before they're released. Similar to how films are rated, the ESRB has different ratings that help guide you to what is appropriate for different age ranges. There are also "descriptors" listed on the games, outlining specifically what may be offensive; violence, crude humor, sexual situations and many more. Visit our ESRB guide to see the entire list of descriptors and to also see the different age ranges, including where to find them on the every video game box sold in the United States.

2) Games seem to make my child anti-social. Is there any way to prevent that?

The big thing about gaming, and most things in general, is moderation. Depending on your child's age, a certain amount of time should be allotted for gaming (and each family varies on the amount of time they're allowed to budget). Also, a great idea would be to maybe have a "gaming party" so your child can play those games with his friends in person and not online.