Surprise -- $1,600 candy bar goes unsold

Cadbury was counting on at least one Brit having a major chocolate craving -- and a big budget for filling it.

But alas, the company's $1,600 World's Most Expensive Chocolate Bar -- wrapped in pure gold leaf -- failed to garner a satisfying bid after it sat on auction in the window of London's Selfridge's department store for a week this month.

Cadbury produced the top-dollar candy to celebrate the relaunch of the Wispa Gold chocolate bar. The company ended up buying it back, and donating the "proceeds" to charity.

The absurdly priced item is a common publicity stunt, and while the gold-plated Wispa bar was a one-time, limited edition, plenty of places stateside offer customers with ultra-deep pockets the chance to show off their spending abilities.

If you have such pockets -- as well as an insatiable need to impress people -- you can help one of these businesses survive the downturn by having them ring up their sky-high priced items for you:

Blue Bar, New York City
The Algonquin Hotel's intimate bar has been serving the "Martini-on-the-Rock," a cocktail poured over a diamond, since 2004 -- at a $10,000 tab.

In April -- and in the midst of the recession -- the menswear maker debuted a $43,000 suit. Clients who spring for the suit are subject to more than 200 measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Serendipity III, New York City
The tourist hotspot may be famous for its frozen hot chocolate -- but the famous and rich may be more intrigued by the $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae, which includes rare chocolate and caviar and holds the Guinness Book world record for the globe's priciest dish of ice cream.
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