Seven Easy Ways to Organize Your Apartment

With limited space, organizing an apartment can be key to enjoying it. Who has room for clutter when you don't have much room to begin with?

Here are some tips to make organizing an apartment easy. Your apartment will look bigger and you and your guests will feel more at ease.

Add Shelves.
This is the best way to add storage to any area that doesn't have much. Adding shelves to a wall is an easy way to store CDs, books, videos or anything else you collect.

Closet Rod.
Another way to add to limited storage space. Add an additional closet rod by hanging it from both sides of your original rod by "hangers," allowing for a second row of clothing to be added below the first.

Storage Furniture.
A sturdy trunk or chest can also be used as a storage unit and can double as a coffee table. Put away seasonal items, or guest towels or sheets, and use the top as a table for pictures or flowers. The chest can also be used as a spare seat. An ottoman with a fold-up top or a coffee table with drawers are great places to store board games.

Under the Bed.
It's almost a cliche, but the space underneath your bed is one of the largest storage areas in your apartment. To prevent items from getting dusty or damaged, store them in plastic bins. Winter sweaters, extra bedding and other items you don't use often can fit easily under the bed.

Hanging hooks in the living room, kitchen or bathroom can help erase clutter. These inexpensive hooks can turn wall space into storage space in seconds and can hold daily items such as your keys, wallet, cell phone and loose change.

TV Entertainment Center.

While it can get cluttered on its own, a neat TV entertainment center with lots of drawers and shelves can keep your apartment, or at least your entertainment area, well organized. You can store CDs, DVDs, books, video games, DVD players and display photos. Wrap the cords together of your electronic equipment to reduce dust behind the unit.

Decorating Tips.
Make your apartment look bigger by hanging mirrors and use light-colored paint to make the room seem airy and open. Don't clump furniture together; spread it out to make the room look more comfortable.

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