Health Care Scare: Who's prescribing the stupid pills? Insurance companies, of course


Angry militias, death threats against our President and his family, swastikas and loaded guns--is this what a debate to fix our broken health care system should look like? Everyone can agree that the system is in crisis, except for the people who profit from it being broken--the insurance companies and the politicians who rake in their generous support. So why all this hostility and public shows of utter stupidity? Who's behind scaring people into thinking health care reform will actually be bad for them, to the point where they believe the ridiculous "death panels" rumor?

Health care reform isn't scary, it's the industries and crooked politicians trying to control the debate and manipulating people's emotions that's terrifying. (Swastikas, really?) I don't know about you, but I'd like everyone to be covered by health insurance, have an affordable deductible, and be able to see the doctor they need, when they need to.

Walletpop Big News, our new weekly filmed radio show,
spoke with author Bob Cesca, of the Huffington Post, who's been closely following the bag of tricks unleashed by the insurance industry and their pet politicians. Hear what he and our panel of writers had to say.