Free Movie Friday: Work, work work, TGIF!


TGIF is all I can say. After a long week, what better way to unwind then going home and watching a free movie? Of course, no film adequately portrays a case of the Mondays like Office Space, but here are a few ones you may not have seen that address the workplace grind. You'll be ready and willing to face Monday after seeing some of the stress and insanity in these free online films:


Sunday night marks the Season 3 premiere of Mad Men (woohoo!) and I hope you're preparing for your viewing party with lots of '60s cocktails and apps. But check out Suits while you're at it, Mad Men for the modern age. It's a lively film that follows another war between suits and creative types as two rival ad agencies vie for a scandalous major account. It's a must-see comedy, even if just for the early performance by The Office's Steve Carrell. Watch it for free on YouTube.

Pushing Tin
Remember when Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were married? Yeah, I don't either. But you can watch their onscreen love in this workplace classic, Pushing Tin, which also stars John Cusack and Cate Blanchett. One place you'd like to be sans drama is an air traffic control room. Fat chance in one of the most highly stressed jobs there is. See the drama unfold in this delicately-played machismo rivalry.

Mr. Laughs: A Look Behind the Curtain

After heading to the theaters to see Funny People, head to SnagFilms to check out this original look at the stand-up comedian industry. Sal "Mr. Laughs" Richards is a tireless worker aiming to gain his place on the stand-up circuit. It's an intimate documentary with testimonials from some of the greats: Sid Caesar, Don Rickles, Red Buttons, Jerry Stiller, and more.

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