Can educational games really teach my child?

educational games
Are games that claim to make your child smarter telling the truth, or trying to get your money?

There has been a long debate on whether video games labeled as "educational" actually make children smarter, and the truth is, the jury is still out. There have been some games sold as "educational" that have been tested and have shown that they really don't have much of an effect on a child's intelligence. Yet there are also some games that are quite stimulating and have specific learning exercises that are fun to play.

Yet for all of those so-called educational duds on the market, there is research currently going on that is working to redefine video games and work them into the classroom.

The advantages of video games and the skills that are developed are wanted by employers - analytical thinking, team building, multitasking and solving problems in stressful situations are all key advantages in forming a well rounded student and a smart human being.

The Federation of American Scientists is working to bring those skills to use through video games, but also to incorporate an educational curriculum that will teach kids true facts as well as develop those skills; they are looking to redefine education.
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